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California Trial Lawyers Protecting Your Business Interests

There is no substitute for trial experience. If you are engaged in a business dispute or see a potential dispute on the horizon, the sooner you talk to a seasoned trial lawyer, the more secure are your legal and financial interests.

At Robertson & Counsel, A Professional Corporation, in Irvine, our attorneys are a familiar presence in state and federal courtrooms. Our clients have ranged from small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies in California and beyond.

A Versatile Business Litigation Practice

We handle a broad range of business litigation, including disputes arising from:

  • Disagreements between business partners
  • Claims of fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and other torts
  • Real estate litigation, including disputes over boundary lines and easements
  • Shareholder disputes

We are mindful of the expense and time sink of litigation, and we always seek swift and cost-effective resolutions when it is in our clients’ best interests. We are always prepared for traditional litigation when necessary and have decades of trial experience on our side.

Proactive Problem-Solving

In the competitive business world, early detection of problems can spell the difference between success and failure. By analyzing your situation, we can discover potentially costly pitfalls that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Likewise, opportunities may present themselves after a careful analysis. We are here to help you solve today’s problems while also helping you avoid liabilities that could spell trouble in the future.

Discuss Legal Strategies With A Proven Trial Attorney

To arrange a confidential legal consultation about your business dispute, email us directly or call 714-361-2111